Window Screen Types

Pet Resistant Screens
Pet Resistant

Pet resistant screens are perfect for homeowners with over active pets scratching and clawing at the screens to get outside. Pet screens are made of PVC coated polyester yarn which has over 400 lbs breaking strength per square inch. Not only is pet screening resistant to pet clawing, it will protect against no-see-um, gnats, sand flies, and other tiny insects common in low marshy and coastal areas. The finer weave of this screen mesh is about half the size of the No-See-Um screen mesh.  

It is a perfect choice for high traffic areas like sliding patio screen doors, porches, decks, gazebos and that window spot your pet has chosen to view their dream world outside. This is a perfect screening choice for pet owners with clawing pets. 

Bug free screens

Custom aluminum window screens are the best screen mesh choice for areas that have problem with insects such as grasshoppers and mice that eat fabric type material such as fiberglass screening mesh. Aluminum window screen will outlast fiberglass screen mesh in areas where it is left undisturbed. They are rust and corrosion resistant.

The ideal window application for an aluminum screen is a low traffic window that will not be disturbed. It might be ideal for window wells. In most low traffic applications, an aluminum window screen will last on average 30 years. Although, aluminum screening mesh is a metal, it is very delicate. Every time something pushes against the aluminum mesh, it will leave a visible mark in the mesh or even a dent.

Sola screens

One of the biggest benefits of custom solar screens is being able to block radiant energy from getting into your home in the first place. They can also protect your furniture from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The home cooling and energy savings potential of solar screens in warm climates are simply phenomenal. Room temperature reduction of up to 15 degrees and a savings of up to 25-30% of the cooling portion of electric energy costs can be achieved in warm climates. Traditional methods such as blinds and curtains allow that heat inside the glass and only block the light. 

Although solar screens may look dark from the outside, the outward visibility can still be excellent. In some cases the outward visibility is even improved as the solar screens reduce the sun's glare and many people forget they are even on the windows.

Solar screens come in 80% or 90% heat blockage and come in a variety of colors. Contact us for more information.


Custom fiberglass window screens are one of the top selling window screens because of its affordable pricing. Fiberglass screens are the least expensive insect screen. The fiberglass screening does a great job of keeping out standard insects like house flies, mosquitoes, and spiders.

Custom fiberglass window screens are very forgiving when pushed against. The fiberglass mesh springs back to its original shape unlike aluminum screen mesh that may bend or tear. The only real negative about fiberglass window screens is it typically only lasts around ten to twelve years before needing to be replaced. Aluminum screens may last up to 30 years in low use screening applications

Fiberglass screens come in two colors, charcoal or gray. 

Different Colors Fiberglass
Fine Mesh / No-See-Um Screens

Fine Mesh screens, also known as “No-See-Um Screens”, protect against even the tiniest of insects and also provide improved outward visibility. Enjoy up to 20% more optical clarity, increased airflow, and protection from the smallest of pests. These screens are a finer mesh fiberglass that protects against gnats, sand flies, and other tiny insects common in low marshy and coastal areas.


Stronger Screen Suitable for Patio, Porch and Pool Enclosures

Fine mesh screens come in charcoal color.


Fine Mesh No-See-Um